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Bunion Treatment


As a podiatrist in Phoenix, I have treated thousands of patients with bunions in my practice.  There is a simple formula that I will teach you to make sure that your bunion not only stops growing but also decreases in it’s size.   


The first thing to do is to schedule an appointment with me at my office in Phoenix.  In order to solve this problem, you must first understand it.  I will diagnose the severity of your bunion and by doing so, will be able to provide you with the right advice to quickly help you get rid of this annoying problem. 


Here are a few simple steps that we will use to decrease the size of your bunion:


  1. Change Footwear - In many cases, years of uncomfortable shoes are the cause of a bunion.  Women actually suffer from bunions more than men because they tend to wear dressier shoes on a regular basis that strangles their toes causing the toe joints to become swollen.  I will advice you on what shoes are best for your feet so that during the day, you shoes are supporting you and not hurting you.
  2. Orthotics - Custom orthotics are another proven technique to provide the maximum amount of support for your feet.  It is essential to have your podiatrist mold a custom orthotic for you rather than just purchase one in a store like CVS.  As a podiatrist, I will create an orthotic for you that fits your specific foot shape and doing so, creates a healthy environment for your feet. 
  3. Ice -  Make sure to apply ice regularly while you begin treatment.  Icing is always good to decrease inflammation but unless you take the right steps to decrease your bunion, icing cannot solve your bunion problem alone. 

         4.  Surgery -  For an advanced bunion that is large enough where it is constantly rubbing against your feet causing cuts and tremendous pain, we also provide minor surgical procedures which remove swollen tissue, straightens the big toe, and re-aligns the long bone between the back part of your foot and  the big toe.  In a lot of case, a minor surgical procedure is the quickest and most effective way to eliminate one’s bunion. 


Bunions are one of the world’s most common foot problems and as a podiatrist, I am an expert in bunion treatment.  My focus throughout my two decades of private practice has been helping my patients get rid of this problem forever and we make sure our patients are always satisfied after they leave their visit with us. 


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By John Erotas