Plantar Fasciitis Treatment - Scottsdale And Sun City


Solving This Problem Quickly


If foot pain is a common daily occurrence, it is time to see one of our podiatrists at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists.  Pain in the heel that increases when you wake up or after a period of sitting is likely plantar fasciitis.  Several factors that converge all at once are often the cause of plantar fasciitis and these factors normally include improper shoes, harmful shoe inserts, tight muscles, and a sudden increase in activity.  


With podiatrist treatment, plantar fasciitis usually subsides within a few days to a few weeks but without finding the correct treatment to plantar fasciitis, it will continue to worsen and scar tissue will build making it much harder to treat.  Scar tissue hardens and forms around the damaged ligament tissue of the plantar fascia band preventing the healing of the plantar fasciitis. 

This is why we recommend seeing Dr. Michael Stegman or myself, Dr. John Erotas, right when you begin to notice foot pain.  The quicker the treatment is applied, the less likely your plantar fasciitis and foot condition will develop into a longer term condition. 


Fast-Acting Treatments

There are several immediate treatments to apply to plantar fasciitis.  Firstly, at our office, we will examine the shape of your feet, your shoes, and your shoe inserts.  Many times people that develop plantar fasciitis have flat feet or high-arched feet.  Different types of shoes are made for different types of feet but most people do not know this fact.  

As a result, people with flat feet end up buying and wearing shoes that are made more for people with high-arched feet and vice versa and this ends up harming the plantar fascia band and causing tight muscles.  The inserts of store-bought shoes are also of a “generic” shape and usually made from cheap materials.  They do not provide the cushioning where it is most needed and the constant pressures placed on the foot while walking causing the plantar fascia band to tighten, weaken, and damage. 

The first thing to do is to make sure you have the right shoes and the right orthotics.  One of the main treatments of plantar fasciitis is to create a pair of custom, podiatrist-made orthotics for your patients so that not only is their feet protected now but also when the plantar fasciitis does subside, there feet will continue to be protected while exercising and walking in the future.  


Stretching and strengthening exercises go a long way toward healing the plantar fascia band as well.  Stretching will loosen up the band while strengthening will rebuild weak tissue allowing plantar fasciitis to heal. 


Treatment of this foot condition is simple and when applied properly under the supervision of a podiatrist can disappear in weeks or even days.  

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