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Three Steps To End Plantar Fasciitis Pain


Developing plantar fasciitis is frightening because you may wonder in agony “will this pain ever stop?”.  The answer is “Yes!”.  There is some reason why your plantar fasciitis occurred in the first place and a foot doctor at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists will discover this and treat the cause. 


Usually, there is a combined effect between multiple causes that lead to plantar fasciitis and foot pain.  It is often a combination of tight muscles, inadequate footwear, and a sudden increase in activity or length standing on your feet. 


Reliving tight muscles consists of stretching.  The best areas to stretch are the calf muscles, the achilles tendon, and the plantar fascia band.  To stretch the calf muscles, just do simple calf stretches and to stretch the achilles tendon, while you are doing your calf stretches, turn your foot inwards and bend your knee slightly.  This will target the stretch lower than the calf muscle and onto the achilles tendon.  Stretching the achilles tendon relieves a tremendous amount of pressure being placed on the plantar fascia band. 


To stretch the plantar fascia band, simple grab your toe box (area below the toes) and your heal and gently pull them away from each other.  You should feel your arch or the band in your arch gently stretch.  Hold for 1 minute and repeat three times.


Consulting A Podiatrist For Treatment


The next important area of conservative plantar fasciitis treatment is podiatry treatment and making sure you have the right foot supports and shoes.  Some shoes are made for flat feet while other shoes are made for high arched feet.  It is important that you go shopping with this in mind because you could have accidentally bought shoes that don’t match your foot’s shape, which is a major reason people end up harming their feet in the first place.  


At the American Foot and Ankle Specialists, one of our podiatrists will help you understand what shoes to look for and what shoes to stay away from.  We will also create a custom pair of orthotics, which provide match up directly with your foot shape and size and provide extra cushioning while you walk.  This extra cushioning provides foot relief that allows the plantar fascia band to heal and offers foot support to prevent foot condition even after this problem goes away.  


If you are experiencing foot pain, it is time to see a podiatrist at either our office in Sun City or Scottsdale.  


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