Plantar Fasciitis Treatment


If you have Plantar Fasciitis, there are a few steps that you can take right now to end your foot pain. 


What is Plantar Fasciitis?


Plantar Fasciitis is an inflammation of the plantar fascia band, which is located in the arch of one’s foot.  When a person puts too much pressure over a long period of time or quickly puts much intensity on their feet, the plantar fascia band becomes inflamed and painful due to overuse.  


In most cases, plantar fasciitis is cured overtime by applying the right treatment methodology.  If you are suffering from foot pain, visit one of our podiatrists at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists to determine what it is that you have and how to treat it before more rigorous treatment such as surgery is necessary. 


Taking Steps Toward Healing


Healing plantar fasciitis pain is quite simple.  One first removes the pressures of walking that is causing the plantar fasciitis.  The first thing you can do is of course rest.  Getting off of your feet when it hurts stops the plantar fasciitis from becoming worse by alleviating the immediate stresses on your feet.  

Rest plays a crucial role in decreasing the pain and inflammation in order for the plantar fascia band to heal.  The next important thing to do is order a pair of custom orthotics for your feet.  Custom orthotics fit your feet specifically as opposed to the generic in sole that may be in your shoes now.  This generic in sole is made to fit a generic foot but does little to help the individual foot. 


By wearing prescription orthotics, your foot pain will decrease signficantly.  Almost every patient that wears orthotics experiences significantly less foot pain within days of trying them.  Orthotics also reduce the pressure on the arch of your foot allowing the plantar fascia band to heal. 


The treatment for plantar fasciitis is done by limiting the stress on the plantar fascia band and doing so, the band reduces in inflammation and may heal with time.  Icing the arch of your feet is very helpful in reducing the amount of inflammation.  Make sure to ice for 15 minutes at least three times a day.  This will lessen the time it takes for your foot to recover.  


A fourth simple treatment for plantar fasciitis is wearing the right shoes.  Wear comfortable shoes not high-heels or narrow shoes that cause the foot extra pain.  For the time being, wear shoes that support your foot’s shape and movement and not shoes that add pressure and stress on the feet.  


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Treating plantar fasciitis mostly involves rest and removing the stresses that were it’s cause.  Dr. John Erotas and Dr. Michael Stegman have locations in Sun City and Scottsdale, AZ.   If necessary, a cortisone injection may help reduce the inflammation and pain of the tendon.   


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By Michael Stegman