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Relieve Foot Pain With Prescription Orthotics 


If you are experiencing foot pain, it is time to see a podiatrist at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists.  One of the best treatments to heal foot pain is prescription orthotics. Made by a podiatrist at either our Sun City podiatry or Scottsdale podiatry location, they provide additional support and cushioning for every step. 


Our prescription orthotics are custom made to match your specific foot type and walking pattern.  Many patients suffer from foot pain just because of purchasing improper footwear.  People with high arched feet or flat feet need both a certain type of sneaker and custom orthotics because buying the wrong kind means that the shape of shoe and in sole will active harm your feet when walking. 

Store-bought insoles are also made from cheap material and are intended to fit the “average” foot.  Since everyone’s foot shape is different, generic in soles provide very little support to the individual person, especially those with high arched or flat feet.  


Foot pain is essential to take care of because it can even lead to pain in other parts of the body such as knee pain, hip pain, and back pain.  These different areas of pain may all source back to the feet, where because the feet are in constant pain, it is causing pain to radiate in other parts of the body.  


Extra Cushion

Depending on your lifestyle, we will construct your orthotics.  Some patients need functional orthotics, which are designed to control abnormal motion and other patients need accommodative orthotics, which are softer and meant to provide additional cushioning and support. 

People with flat feet and high arched feet often need accommodative orthotics and if you have one of these foot shapes, your foot pain and/or foot conditions may stem from incorrect footwear.  


Custom orthotics are often included in the treatment of plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, bursitis, and foot, ankle, and heel pain because foot orthotics are proven to decrease foot pain and improve function.  


If you are just looking for extra cushioning, shoe inserts purchased in a retail store amy be fine for you but if you are experiencing foot pain, it is important to see a podiatrist about prescription orthotics.  For over twenty years, we have used prescription orthotics to heal foot pain and are confident that our orthotics will help you relieve your symptoms. 


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By Michael Stegman