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Diabetic Foot Care 


Thousands of people each year loose a toe or a foot because of diabetic complications.  At the American Foot and Ankle Specialists, Dr. John Erotas and Dr. Michael Stegman are confident they can help you avoid this terrible outcome through preventative medicine.  There are several things that you can do to ensure your feet remain healthy. 


  1. Inspect Your Feet Daily -  Check for blisters, cuts, swelling, redness, or nail problems everyday.  The main cause of an amputation is an infection and catching a sore or a problem as soon as it occurs and then seeking out treatment from a podiatrist goes a long way toward preventing the foot condition from worsening.  It is our job to heal this problem right away and that is what we do well.  
  2. Wash Your Feet Daily -  With lukewarm water, not hot water, scrub your feet everyday to clean off any dirt.  If you have a hidden cut or sore, this dirt and it’s inherent bacteria can cause an unwanted infection.  By cleaning your feet regularly, you can get rid of bacteria that may be harmful to you. 
  3. Wear Comfortable Shoes -  Shoes that make sure your feet are comfortable and free of pain is essential to preventing foot problems and accidents.  Custom orthotics also provide the maximum amount of support for your feet, which we provide in our office.  By having comfortable footwear, you are decreasing the chances of an accident or a foot problem from developing. 
  4. See A Podiatrist For Regular Check Ups -  This is the number one way to prevent foot problems from occurring.  By seeing one of our podiatrists regularly, we will catch any foot problem, cut, or sore you may have and treat it right away.  This prevents a foot problem from getting severe enough to require an amputation or to foster an infection.  Seeing a podiatrist regularly is especially important for those suffering from diabetic neuropathy because these patients won’t often know if they have a foot problem due to the numbing of the feet.  
  5. Seek Out Treatment -  When you do spot a problem, sore, or experience pain, do not treat it yourself.  Do not treat calluses or corns yourself.  Treating an issue yourself can not only make the foot condition worse if one is not receiving proper treatment but also the foot problem may not heal fast enough to avoid infection.  If you do spot a problem, seek out one of our podiatrists for treatment immediately.  

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By Michael Stegman