Podiatry Treatment For A Foot Wart


Get Rid Of Foot Warts


Foot warts, also known as Plantar warts, are dangerous because of how easily they can spread.   Warts are extremely contagious and without proper treatment, they can not only create new warts throughout a person’s body but also jump onto others after close contact.  The best way to treat a wart is to kill it off permanently and as a podiatrist, I often help my patients cure themselves of foot warts.  


If placed underneath the foot, such as in the heel or ball of the foot, pressure on the wart can cause foot pain making it a nuisance while walking around.  In the case, treatment by a podiatrist at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists is necessary right away to begin the healing process. 


Warts are actually extremely aggressive and hard to kill.  One of the reasons for this is that they are fed by a virus in the body.  This is why over the counter medications often do not work to remove a tough wart and other podiatry related treatments are needed to cure the wart. 


A wart looks often like a growth on the skin and one way to determine if you have a wart is to check for little back dots in the growth.  These are blood vessels that the virus uses to nourish the wart.  If you touch your wart, make sure to wash your hands afterwards or it can spread.  


At our Sun City podiatry and Scottsdale podiatry offices, we offer a variety of treatments, one of which will eventually remove the wart.  We may recommend an oral medication to help fight the virus.  Killing both the wart and the virus is the most effective way to destroy a wart though attacking the wart by itself may be enough.  


Conservative Treatments


Applying tissue scraping techniques removes wart tissue and then other conservative medical procedures may further treatment.  One treatment that is often used is cauterization.  Here, we burn the wart to remove tissue and seal the wound to prevent blood loss.  This has the potential to kill the wart.  We can also freeze the wart using extreme cold that often kills the wart. 


If these conservative treatments still do not work, we may recommend a minor surgical procedure involving a laser to cut off the wart.  


The solutions to eliminating a wart are relatively conservative and minor but must be undertaken as soon as the wart is spotted or if home treatment has not helped.  Otherwise, the wart can easily spread.  


We guarantee that we will remove this foot problem from your life and have been helping patients do so for over twenty years. 


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By John Erotas