End Achilles Tendinitis Pain With Podiatry Treatment


Healing Achilles Tendinitis Pain


Achilles Tendinitis begins after an increase in strenuous activity and when a person has tight calf muscles. The additional pressure placed on the achilles tendon causes tissue damage and pain.  There are several ways to combat the pain of this foot condition but primarily, one of our podiatrists will need to help guide you to a full recovery. 

Without proper treatment, achilles tendinitis can lead to an achilles tendon rupture requiring surgery.  This is why it is essential to seek out treatment at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists before a rupture occurs.  


Achilles tendinitis can also result from improper footwear that places additional stress on the achilles tendon.  Most people don’t know that they have a specific foot type that matches with a specific type of shoe.  People with flat feet need to wear different shoes than people with high-arched feet.


Changing Your Footwear 

During your office visit at either our Sun City podiatry office or our Scottsdale podiatry office, we will discus which shoes will best help your recover from Achilles Tendinitis.  The next step is to get a pair of prescription orthotics.  Custom made orthotics fit specifically to your foot type and walking pattern providing the maximum amount of support for you while you walk.  Store bought in soles are generic and made from cheap material.  This lack of support can actively cause Achilles Tendinitis through constant stress of poorly made in soles.  


One focus is to decrease the tightness of calf muscles and the achilles tendon.  Tight calf muscles may actually be one of the main causes of Achilles Tendinitis as poor footwear or increased exercise leads to the tight calf muscles that deteriorate achilles tendon tissue.  

Consistent stretching of both the achilles tendon and the calf muscles will help your heal achilles tendinitis and importantly, we may supply you with a night splint, which is a device that decreases calf tightness.  


Achilles tendinitis is extremely common in runners and also middle-aged people who play sports intermittently.  Tenderness of the achilles tendon is one of the first signs of Achilles Tendinitis.  This is when you should focus on stretching.  When you begin to experience pain, it is time to schedule an appointment with one of our podiatrists. 

We guarantee that we can help you heal this painful foot condition within weeks and more importantly, provide the advice and treatment you need so your achilles tendinitis doesn’t return.  


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By Michael Stegman