Podiatry Treatment For An Ankle Sprain


How To Heal An Ankle Sprain


An ankle sprain is easily fixed with the correct treatment.  As a podiatrist, I help patients everyday heal from an ankle sprain.  Normally, an ankle sprain takes 4 - 6 weeks to heal.  With the correct treatment and advice from a podiatrist, you will not only heal your sprain but also make sure you do not twist or roll it again. 

Re-current ankle sprains are actually very common.  To avoid this fate, there are a few things you should know.  Firstly, I will explain how to treat your sprain. 


If you have just sprained your ankle, lie down, elevate your foot, and ice your ankle.  Icing will reduce inflammation and pain and speed up the recovery process.  Make sure to ice your ankle three times a day for 15 minutes for the first week of your sprain.  Next, if you cannot walk without terrible pain, use crutches.  


Avoid Further Injury

The goal is to avoid further damage to the ankle as that will only increase the time it takes a person to recover.  The next thing to do is see one of our podiatrist at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists.  You can choose from either our Sun City podiatry or Scottsdale podiatry location. 


Here, a podiatrist will x-ray your ankle to determine the severity of the sprain and make sure your ankle is not fractured.  We will also offer you a brace to restrict the ankle’s movements.  A brace is critical because with one, it is virtually impossible to re-injure your ankle in normal daily activity.  


Custom orthotics may be given to you to support your feet further and we will also instruct you on the right shoes to wear during your recovery. 

When you leave our podiatry office, the key is to rest, avoid activity that will injure your ankle, and wear your ankle brace.  After a few weeks of healing, the next thing to do is strengthen the ankle.  Currently, the ankle is extremely weak and cannot support the weight and balance of the body.  Any little misstep can cause another ankle sprain and many more weeks in recovery. 


Ankle strengthening exercises will make it so your ankle can support your body’s movements and be protected.  


Ankle sprains are simple to treat but re-injuries are common.  We will do everything in our power to make sure you heal from your sprain and do not re-injure your ankle.  We guarantee that by coming to us, you will get better. 


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By Michael Stegman