Podiatry Treatment For Diabetics


Diabetic Foot Care


Understanding how to care for your feet is essential as a diabetic because there are just so many complication that can take place.  At the American Foot and Ankle Specialists in Phoenix, our podiatrists make sure our diabetic patients understand fully what type of diabetic foot care they need to prevent complications and infections that would normally lead to an amputation. 


Since diabetics are at a higher risk of an amputation, preventative podiatry treatment is an important way to lower this risk.  Here are several things you should do to avoid foot complications:


  1. See A Podiatrist Regularly -  By seeing a podiatrist at least once every two months, your podiatrist will be able to detect if any complications are current and then immediately treat these problems.  Your podiatrist will also provide you with advice each time on how to protect your feet for your lifestyle.  Seeing a podiatrist regularly protects you for letting foot problems run on too long and get out of hand such as an infection that leads to an amputation. 
  2. Check Your Feet Everyday -  Sometimes diabetics and especially those with diabetic neuropathy cannot feels foot pain or problems that they are immediately experiencing.  By checking your feet everyday, you will be able to come across any problems that arise and then immediately go see one of our podiatrists.  
  3. Wear Comfortable Shoes and Orthotics -  It is important to protect yourself from the dangers of daily movement.  While a stubbed toe or cut isn't usually a big deal, as a diabetic, one is more prone to an infection that could end up leading to an amputation.  At the American Foot and Ankle Specialists, we help our patients ascertain both orthotics and shoes that provide the most supportive environment for their feet, which protects them from the hazards of shoes that do not support them. 
  4. Wash Your Feet Every Day -  Another important thing is to clean your feet everyday.  Many infections are bacterial infections and if you have a small cut with dirty feet, bacteria can cause an infection.  When washing your feet everyday, you are getting rid of that bacteria which has the potential to cause so much harm. 
  5. If You See A Problem, Don’t Treat It Yourself -  Many times my diabetic patients try to treat their own foot problems like they’d normally do in the past only to make it worse.  As a diabetic, making the problem worse has potentially serious outcomes.  If you see a cut or something just isn't normal, make an appointment with us and we will sort it out with professional treatment that avoids the risk of foot complications. 


At our Scottdale podiatry office and Sun City podiatry office in Phoenix, we take seriously our diabetic foot care because we know preventative podiatry is the best way to keep the feet of our patients healthy. 


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By John Erotas