Podiatry Treatment For Plantar Fasciitis in Phoenix, AZ


Recover From Plantar Fasciitis With Podiatry Treatment


The best thing you can do for foot pain is to immediately see a podiatrist at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists.  At our Sun City podiatry and Scottsdale podiatry office locations, we can not only diagnose your foot condition but also take immediate steps to alleviate your pain and it’s causes. 

With plantar fasciitis, the causes normally revolve around tight muscles and wearing improper shoes.  Tight calf muscles, including a tight achilles tendon, place additional stress on the plantar fascia band causing it to tighten and then, during it’s movement, develop weakness and sustain tissue damage. 

First, apply calf stretching as well as calf stretching that focuses on the achilles tendon.  A night splint will also help relieve calf tightness, which we can provide at our office.  The next step is wearing the right shoes and in soles. 


Understanding The Road To Recovery

People with high arched feet or flat feet are more likely to develop plantar fasciitis.  You need to make sure that the shoes you are wearing are designated for your specific foot type.  Many people during shoe shopping do not know to buy shoes that support their specific foot shape.  As a podiatrist, I will recommend to you the brands of shoes you should be wearing to provide the maximum amount of support for your foot shape. 

The next thing to acquire is prescription orthotics. At our office, we custom make a pair of orthotics for your that matches both your foot shape and walking pattern.  The in soles in store bought shoes may actually be a cause of your plantar fasciitis because they actively go against supporting your foot’s movements.  Our patients that wear prescription orthotics feel immediate relief after trying our orthotics. 


Plantar fascia band strengthening may also be necessary to heal your foot pain.  Because the plantar fascia band has been weakened, it is becoming increasingly damaged when walking.  Strengthening your plantar fascia band will give it the strength it needs to heal properly without continuing sustain injury. 


As a podiatrist, I have helped patients for over twenty years heal from plantar fasciitis and know exactly what you can do to help this condition.  With our treatment, you will feel relief and will know how to handle this problem so that your pain never comes back.  


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By Michael Stegman