Podiatry Treatment For Plantar Fasciitis In Phoenix


Plantar Fasciitis Treatment


Plantar Fasciitis is extremely common among my patients and as a podiatrist, I have helped thousands of patients with painful foot conditions.  In order to heal plantar fasciitis, you need the right treatment and guidance from a podiatrist.  


Plantar Fasciitis often resolves on it’s own but you need the correct foot wear.  This condition commonly occurs among people with high-arched feet and flat feet.  In this case, you need foot wear that actively supports your foot.  You may be wearing shoes and in soles that are instigating your Plantar Fasciitis without knowing it. 


At the American Foot and Ankle Specialists, we will discus exactly what shoes you need to provide your feet with the maximum amount of support while you are on them.  The right shoes is essential to relieving the foot pain caused by Plantar Fasciitis.  At the same time, we will custom make a pair of orthotics specifically molded to your feet.  


The in soles in normal shoes are made for the ‘generic’ foot and do not support varied foot shapes.  We will make sure that you have custom support in soles that help your feet and this is one of the best treatment methods to begin the process of healing your plantar fasciitis.


You can also ice your feet to reduce inflammation.  Also, since the plantar fascia band is weak, strengthening exercises are essential to help rebuild the plantar fascia band.  We will go over some of the exercises and treatment methods with you at either our Scottsdale podiatry office or Sun City podiatry office, both located in Phoenix, AZ.  


It is essential to see a podiatrist right away if you are experiencing foot pain because the cause of this pain will only continue to make it worse and can lead to a tear.  The quicker you get treatment, the easier it will be to help heal this foot condition.  


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Our patients in Scottsdale and Sun City are always pleased with our level of service because we guarantee their satisfaction and have over two decades of experience treating the symptoms and causes of Plantar Fasciitis.  We look forward to helping you achieve pain relief and understand what you need to do to both heal plantar fasciitis and prevent it from ever coming back. 

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By Michael Stegman