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Custom-Made Prescription Orthotics 


One issue that affects many people’s feet is chronic foot pain.  The answer can be very simple to eliminate most of one’s foot pain and this is very easy to achieve.  Most people experience a significant increase in comfort while wearing prescription orthotics.  The reason for this is obvious. 


Store-bought shoes come with generic in-soles.  These in-soles are made for a generic foot, which is good for the company but bad for the individual's foot.  Of course the shoe company cannot measure everyone’s foot to make their shoes, which is why the American Foot and Ankle podiatrists provide custom-made orthotics.  

When wearing generic in-soles, this does not offer great support for your feet.  If you are on your feet for long-hours of the day or exercise each day, you may find that when the night come’s or even during the day, you have very uncomfortable foot pain.  This is a sure sign that you need a pair of custom orthotics. 


Eliminate Foot Pain


Custom orthotics will immediately reduce the amount of foot pain that you experience on a daily basis.  Custom orthotics are also an essential part of the treatment and prevention of many foot conditions such as Bunions and Plantar Fasciitis.  Orthotics are a first line of defense for painful foot conditions because they remove a large portion of the stress and pressure put on your feet everyday providing the feet with the maximum amount of support.  


Of course, one should be wearing comfortable shoes as well and not shoes that will contribute to foot pain such as high-heels, flimsy sneakers, or shoes with a tight and narrow toe-box.  


One of our main focuses at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists is to prevent the onset of foot conditions and custom-made orthotics are an integral part of this process.  Often, orthotics are covered by insurance and if not, we offer a very competitive price.  


Buying orthotics in a store is not the same as having a podiatrist custom make your orthotics to specifically align with your feet and walking pattern.  For people with flat feet or high-arched feet, orthotics are essential to the foot’s comfort.  Diabetics should also wear orthotics to prevent the onset of foot conditions that can cause complications in the future. 


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By John Erotas