How To Protect Your Feet As A Diabetic


Diabetic Foot Care That Protects Healthy Feet


Caring for your feet as a diabetic is extremely important but it can also seem very complicated.  It is true that diabetics are at greater risk for foot infections and amputations but with a little bit of knowledge and care, you can avoid these complications.  Preventative medicine, or taking care of yourself before an injury occurs, is the best way to implement diabetic foot care. If you follow a few of these strategies that I suggest in this blog post, you can maintain healthy feet as a diabetic. 


The first step is to see a podiatrist at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists regularly.  Our podiatrists have over two decades of experience caring for patients with diabetes.  The reason why seeing a podiatrist regularly is important is because if there is a problem, one of our podiatrists will notice it and treat it right away.  The potential foot problem will not be able to grow into a major complication.  We recommend seeing a podiatrist at our offices at least once every two months. 


Check Your Feet Out!


Next tips is to check your own feet at least once a day.  By thoroughly inspecting your feet at least once a day, you will be able to notice anything that looks out of sorts.  If you do notice a problem or a cut, then go to either our Sun City podiatry or Scottsdale podiatry offices for treatment.  Do not try to treat the problem yourself.  This is very risky and can lead to creating a bigger problem with incorrect care. 


I also recommend to wear shoes whenever you walk around.  Don’t go barefoot because then you risk stubbing your toe or cutting your foot more easily.  Avoiding cuts is key to avoiding the complications they can lead to such as an infection.  


Another tip that I recommend is to wash your feet once a day.  This means that if you have any cuts or sores that you do not notice, at least you will be washing off any bacteria on your feet that can potentially cause an infection.  


Wearing the right shoes and inserts are key to your support.  At the American Foot and Ankle Specialists, we want to always make sure you are as comfortable as possible.  As you may or may not know, as a diabetic, you are entitled to free inserts and a free pair of shoes each year.  We very much look forward to your visit. 


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By John Erotas