Recover From An Ankle Injury


Podiatry Ankle Treatment 


Whether it’s through exercise or an on-the-job injury, ankle sprains happen everyday.  As a podiatrist, I help my patients both quickly recover from an ankle sprain and make sure that they do not re-injure their ankle in the near future.  


Ankle sprains are likely to recur becoming chronic with the right advice and treatment.  This is because after a sprain, the ankle is weak and can easily re-roll or twist with a simple misstep.  At the American Foot and Ankle Specialists in Phoenix, I show my patients how to avoid this type of recurrence prevent chronic ankle sprains.  You don’t want to spend weeks healing your ankle to all of a sudden re-roll it and have to go through the recovery process one more time.  


The first thing to do after a sprain is to of course get off of your ankle and put ice on it.  Ice your ankle at least three times a day for the first two weeks because this will reduce inflammation and accelerate the healing of the damage tendons, ligaments, and muscle tissue.  Next, if you cannot walk without tremendous pain, use crutches for the first few days. 

The goals of ankle sprain treatment within the first few weeks is to do whatever it takes not to injure the ankle further.  At our office, we can provide you with an ankle brace that restricts the movements of your ankle.  This drastically reduces the chance that your ankle will injure in the first few weeks after the sprain.  


Determining The Best Treatment


Also, at our office, we will provide you and x-ray to determine that your sprain is just a sprain and not a fracture.  It is key to know that you don’t have a fracture, which is why coming in to see us is essential after a sprain.  You can schedule an appointment at our office in Scottsdale or Sun City.  Call 480-483-9000 now to schedule your appointment! 


Diagnosing the problem correctly is the first step toward providing you the right treatment and this is something only a podiatrist can confidently do as we have had over two decades of treating ankle conditions.  


Finally, and this is not something many podiatrist even speak of, is that you will need some sort of rehabilitation after the ankle has healed for several weeks.  The best way to prevent chronic ankle sprains is to restrengthen the ankle muscles.  You’ll want to keep the muscles surrounding the ankle loose as well.  Stretches like a calf stretch keep muscles around the ankle loose allowing it to heal quicker and not build up scar tissue.  Great exercises normally include balancing exercises for your ankle because it again trains the ankle to handle the daily movements of the body. 


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If you have sprained your ankle and need the right advice and treatment, come in to see us at one of our locations in Phoenix.  Call 480-483-9000 and schedule your appointment today!  


We always make sure our patients heal their pain in the quickest time possible and your satisfaction is guaranteed. 


By John Erotas