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Bunion Treatment


A bunion cannot be cured by medication alone and continuously grows when increased friction presses against it.  There are several reasons a bunion may form but the main reason is through the constant use of improper and uncomfortable footwear that squeeze the toes together. 

The majority of people that have bunions are women because of high-heel use.  When the toe box is squeezed together tightly, the big toe joint swells and the big toe is pushed inwards towards the other toes.  As the big toe joint swells and the joint inflames, a big bulge forms that constantly rubs up against the side of one’s shoes causing pain, redness, and more swelling.  


This constant friction can lead to cuts and sores that are continuously rubbed causing tremendous pain and if not treated, the cuts can become infected.  This is particularly dangerous for diabetics as an infection is the primary cause of needing an amputation.  If you do have a cut on your bunion, it is time to see one of our Sun City or Scottsdale podiatrists.  


What You Can Do Now!


The first thing to do is find ways to decrease the swelling.  This includes changing your shoes to something more comfortable, wearing prescription orthotics, and protecting the bunion with bunion pads.  Icing your bunion after a long day also decrease swelling and soreness.  


These treatment methods are to stop the bunion from growing any larger and by wearing orthotics and comfortable shoes, you may be able to live well and pain free even with a bunion.  If these treatments do not stop the bunion from growing, there are a few other things you can do. 


One is to get a cortisone injection which will decrease swelling and pain.  Again, if the bunion is still extremely bothersome, the next thing to do is get a minor bunion surgery.  Bunion surgery is the only way to cure yourself of a bunion.  


In bunion surgery, swollen tissue is removed from the joint, the big toe is straightened and re-aligned back to it’s original normal shape.  Full recovery from surgery usually takes between a few weeks to two months and isn’t recommended unless the bunion is causing you frequent pain and interfering with your daily life. 


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By John Erotas