Scottsdale Foot Care For Foot Injuries



The summer season is a particular favorite for tennis lovers with back to back Grand Slams.  First, the French Open, then Wimbledon, and after the U.S. open all within a few short months of each other.  The 2014 French Open has arrived with its surprising kicks. 


Serena Williams and Li Na, both favorites, lost in only the first and second rounds of the Grand Slam while favorites like Rafael Nadal, David Ferrer, Maria Sharapova, Roger Federer, Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic all are steam rolling through to the third round.


As a Scottsdale foot doctor, I am particularly aware of tennis foot injuries and know there are a few important rules to follow when playing.  One is too make sure you are wear comfortable fitting tennis shoes. With such an accelerated pace in tennis and the side to side movements, without proper support, it becomes rather easy to fall and twist an ankle.


One thing that can help protect your feet further is custom made orthotics.  These will not only make your feet more comfortable while playing as they fit specifically to your feet but you will also leave the court with less foot pain.  For a pair yourself, schedule an appointment with a Scottsdale podiatrist and call 480-483-9000!


One of the most common injuries among tennis players is the sprained ankle.  Moving side to side, up and back, a rolled or twisted ankle can easily occur.  With such an injury, it is important to see a foot doctor to begin a treatment plan that gets you back on the court as soon as possible.  


Icing the ankle helps to decrease the swelling and wearing an ankle brace is the first step toward recovery.  We can provide you an ankle brace that stabilizes your ankle so it can heal in comfort without the threat of further injury.  


Another crucial aspect of recovery is strengthening the ankle again after it has the time to heal.  If you do not strengthen the muscles around the ankle, you are much more likely to twist it again because of it’s weakness.  Exercises are crucial to get your ankle stronger so you don’t end up with chronic ankle sprains. 


The foot doctors at American Foot and Ankle Specialists located in Scottsdale and Sun City Arizona have extensive experience treating sport-related injuries.  Call 480-483-9000 today to schedule an appointment!


By Michael Stegman