Signs You May Have an Ankle Sprain
By American Foot & Ankle Specialists
October 02, 2017
Category: Foot Care
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Ankle sprains are a very common injury. In fact, more people visit the emergency room due to ankle sprains than any other lower ankle sprainextremity injury, according to a study published in Clinical Orthopaedic and Related Research. Sun City and Scottsdale, AZ, podiatrists Dr. Michael Stegman and Dr. John Erotas of American Foot & Ankle Specialists explain a few signs and symptoms that may occur if you've sprained your ankle.

Your ankle hurts
Did your pain occur after your rolled your foot or twisted your ankle? Sudden changes in the movement of your foot or ankle can tear or stretch ligaments, resulting in a painful sprain. The pain from a sprain may be constant or intermittent and may intensify with activity.

Standing and bending your foot is difficult
Suspect a sprain if it's difficult to put any weight on your ankle or bend your foot. Don't force yourself to use the ankle despite the pain, as this could lengthen healing time.

Your ankle is swollen
Swelling is common after an ankle injury. When you were injured, your body sent white blood cells to your ankle to facilitate healing. In order to get the cells to your ankle quickly, your blood vessels had to expand quickly to accommodate the increased blood flow, which caused the swelling. Ice packs and a compression bandage can help reduce swelling. If you use ice, follow the 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off rule. Place a thin cloth between your skin and the ice bag.

You noticed some sound effects when you hurt your ankle
That popping sound wasn't your imagination. As the ligaments tear or stretch, it's not unusual to hear a pop.

You have a bruise
In addition to swelling, bruising can also occur if you have a swollen ankle.

You have pain on the outside of the ankle both in front and under the ankle bone or in front, under and behind the ankle bone it is best to see the doctors at American Foot & Ankle Specialists.  Also if there is pain on the outside of the leg about 6 inches above the ankle bone.

What should I do if my ankle doesn't get better?
Using the RICE method (rest, ice, compression and elevation) can reduce your pain and help your ankle heal. If walking is difficult or impossible, you have severe pain, or your symptoms does not improve after a week or two, schedule an appointment with our Sun City or Scottsdale office.

A visit to the foot doctor can determine the cause of your ankle pain. If you're concerned about a possible sprained ankle or another foot or ankle problem, schedule an appointment with Drs. Stegman and Erotas of American Foot & Ankle Specialists by calling (623) 977-8388for the Sun City office or (480) 483-9000 for the Scottsdale/Paradise Valley office.