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Toenail Fungus Solutions

Toenail fungus is a pervasive problem in our society because fungus is just so contagious.  If you are suffering from toenail fungus, your nails may be discolored, yellow, thickened, and even sharp.  

There are many reasons to schedule a consultation with our podiatrists in order to get this problem handled.  If you are a diabetic, sharp nails put you are a real risk of cuts and an infection.  Many people feel embarrassed by their nails and since summer is coming up, I am sure you will want to go barefoot or play around in your sandals as the weather heats up. 

Nail fungus is extremely contagious, which is why many times over-the-counter medication is not sufficient to kill fungus.  Fungus can easily live on your socks, shoes, and bed sheets jumping for toe to toe, nail to nail, and person to person.  If you have nail fungus, you are putting others at risk even just by showering in the same shower.

As a podiatrist, I have seen hundreds of cases at my practice of nail fungus and there is a simple solution.  Once you schedule your consultation, I will be able to diagnose your foot and find the right treatment that will clear up this fungus. 

Some examples of treatment include medicated nail polish and nail cream.  These are more powerful than what you will find at your pharmacy because they are prescribed by a doctor.  I may also prescribe an oral medication that fights off the fungus.  

Kill The Bacteria Quickly

If your fungus is severe, it may be best to eliminate it right away by nail removal.  Nail removal will allow the nail to grow back without bacteria. 

This type of quick treatment actually work best for nail fungus.  Nail fungus is so contagious that even leaving a little fungus left may cause it to grow and spread, which is why getting rid of all of the fungus at once is usually the best treatment plan for hard to kill fungus. 

Another recommendation is that after podiatry treatment, you will want to sanitize your bed sheets, shoes, and socks and we will show you how to do this at our office.  Leaving fungus in these areas gives it the chance to jump back on to your feet at a moment’s notice.

The best thing you can do to get rid of your fungus is to see a podiatrist that not only advise you on how to proceed but also eliminate the fungus for you.  Our patients appreciate the American Foot and Ankle Specialists because we have proven to them that we can help them overcome any foot problems that they have.  You may schedule your appointment at our Scottsdale Podiatry office or our Sun City Podiatry office. 

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By John Erotas