Steps To Heal A Sprained Ankle


Quickly Heal A Sprained Ankle 


Everyday a person comes to see me at one of my Phoenix podiatry offices about an ankle sprain.  This injury is extremely common because a simple misstep can cause an ankle to twist and roll.  A lot of my patients are athletes that sprained their ankle while exercising or participating in sports. 


There are a few simple strategies that I recommend to quickly and efficiently heal an ankle sprain.  The first thing is to see a podiatrist like myself to receive proper treatment, care, and advice on how to manage and fix a sprain. 


At our office, we will also provide an x-ray to determine that the sprain is just a sprain and not a fracture.  An unknowing fracture can pro-long an injury indefinitely if the patient isn’t careful.  Call 480-483-9000 and schedule your appointment today!


Next, you should get off your ankle, elevate your foot, and put ice on it.  Icing your ankle at least three times a day for 15 minutes is essential to reduce inflammation and accelerate the healing process. 


After, if you cannot walk without tremendous pain, use crutches for several days until you can put weight on your ankle without too much pain.  The key in the first few days is not to injure the ankle worse than it currently is.  We want your ankle to go in the direction of healing and not sustain more damage. 


Restricting Ankle Movement 


Another key ingredient to healing of an ankle sprain is an ankle brace.  A brace restricts the movement of the ankle making it very difficult to re-injure it.  Custom orthotics are also a good idea to provide the maximum amount of support while you are on your feet.  If there is a black and blue around your ankle, don’t worry as this is normal if there is slight tendon and ligament damage. 


An ankle sprain normally takes about 6 weeks to heal.  Be patient with the ankle and don’t try to become too active during these 6 weeks until your ankle is strong enough to handle your body’s weight and it’s movements. 


Another piece of important advice is to strengthen your ankle once it begins to heal successfully.  Ankle sprains can easily recur because the ankle is weak.  A weak ankle rolls much easier than a strong one and while your ankle is healing, the muscles around the ankle will be weak.  Exercises, once your ankle has spent some time healing, like balancing on BOSU ball are great to regain ankle strength and make sure you do not twist it again. 


The first step is too seek out the right treatment and advice.  Our patients respond well to our treatment because we always focus on patient satisfaction and understand the details of each individual patient as well as their inherent lifestyle.  


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By Michael Stegman