Sun City and Scottsdale Treatment of Advanced Heel Pain



Correcting Heel Pain


Either through overuse or a traumatic injury, the onset of heel pain can develop effecting the way we walk and our ability to perform tasks each day.  Fortunately, with the help of a podiatrist, heel pain is treatable.  


Most people undergo heel pain at least once in their lifetime and normally heel pain falls under a few of these common causes. 


  1. Plantar Fasciitis -  The plantar fascia band connects the base of the heel to the toe box.  It is a large tendon located at the bottom of the foot.  Sometimes overwhelmed, either through intense activity or trying out something new, the tendon becomes inflamed and painful making it extremely difficult to walk.  
  2. Heel Spur -  Heel spurs are common.  They occur as a calcium deposit hardens at the base of the heel bone and sticks out of the bottom of the foot.  It rubs up against the shoes causing friction, redness, swelling, and pain.  
  3. Flat feet or High-arched feet - Everyone’s foot is shaped differently but shoes have a generic in sole that is supposed to support a generic foot not the individual foot.  In this way, long hours on one’s feet or even just regular walking can cause tremendous foot pain.  The answer to this problem is simple.  Wearing prescription orthotics designed to specifically fit your feet and your feet alone allow you to walk and be on your foot for long hours without foot pain.  
  4. Trauma -  Another cause of heel pain is a trauma.  This may occur when you bang your foot causing a bruise and swelling.  This type of injury is healed after a few weeks when the tissue repairs itself.  

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By Michael Stegman