The Causes of Ingrown Toenails
March 31, 2017
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Are you dealing with persistent ingrown toenails? Find out what might be ​to blame.ingrown toenails

Getting an ingrown toenail can certainly be annoying and painful but luckily most of them will go away on their own. Of course, if you are getting them often you may be wondering what could be causing them so you know how to prevent them in the future. Our Scottsdale and Sun City, AZ, podiatrists, Dr. Michael Stegman and Dr. John Erotas, provide insight into the common condition and when to see a doctor.

What is an ingrown toenail?

If you’ve ever had an ingrown toenail then you certainly know it when it happens. This is when the edge of a nail grows into the skin on the side of the toe, causing inflammation and pain.

What causes ingrown toenails?

Not Trimming Nails Properly

You might be surprised to hear this but there is a proper way to keep your nails trimmed. While you may not think twice about how you trim your toenails, if you deal with ingrown toenails then you may want to start thinking about it. There is a simple art to it.

Make sure to keep the nails level with the tips of your toenails (any shorter and you risk an ingrown toenail). The same goes for how you shape the nail. Do you trim the nail at a curve rather than straight across? If you said “yes” then you are also putting your nails at risk.

The Shoes You are Wearing

The kind of shoes you wear could truly make or break your foot health. From high heels to shoes that fit too tightly, these types of footwear can cause a host of issues from heel pain to bunions. Ingrown toenails are just another problem that can occur if shoes are so tight that they rub or press against your toes. Always look for shoes that allow your toes to freely move about.


If you play soccer or other sports then you may also be at risk for developing an ingrown toenail, particularly if you sustain an injury. If you want to keep your feet safe while on the field then talk to our Scottsdale and Sun City foot doctor about the proper athletic footwear and what to look for. This can help reduce the likelihood of foot injuries that could lead to an ingrown toenail.

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