The Reason You Need Orthotics Now!


The Reason Your Feet Hurt 


Prescription or custom-made orthotics have many, many benefits.  Each person's feet are shaped differently and shoe companies put a generic insole into those shoes as a one size fits all solution.  Unfortunately, this doesn't help the individual person in the slightest. 


Many people, especially those that are on their feet for long hours, do a lot of exercising or outdoor activities, or have flat or high-arched feet suffer from foot pain regularly because of poor comfortability within their shoes.  The best way to notice if you need orthotics is to check your feet at the end of each day.  Do you have an excessive amount of foot pain?  If the answer is an emphatic yes! then orthotics are definitely for you.  


Relieve Foot Pain With Custom Orthotics


Orthotics are covered by most insurances and if you are not covered, then the American Foot and Ankle Specialists can provide you with a competitive price for prescription, podiatrist-crafted orthotics.  Most of our patients are surprised and amazed at the difference of satisfaction in their lives after wearing orthotics.  Instantly, a significant amount of foot pain that one may have had all their life disappears.  


If you have flat feet or high-arched feet, orthotics are not suggested but necessary to avoid foot pain and prevent foot problems down the road.


Foot orthotics are specifically shaped to your feet when we make a mold of your foot shape at our office.  There are several choices of foot orthotics which include the amount of padding you need to protect the impact of your feet on the ground.  


Dr. John Erotas and Dr. Michael Stegman have treated patients as foot doctors for over thirty years and most foot problems involve treatment with the use of orthotics.  Without orthotics, the foot is under constant pressure and stress as one goes about their day.  Orthotics removes many of these stresses and therefore, also helps remove the pressure on foot conditions such as bunions and heel pain.  


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At the American Foot and Ankle Specialists, we are dedicated to patient satisfaction and curing any painful foot conditions that our patients have.  


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By John Erotas