Top 4 Things You Should Do For Your Feet Everyday As A Diabetic
Many of my diabetic patients avoid surgery by doing the right things for their feet because preventative medicine not only makes sure the feet stay healthy but also that foot problems don't ever get out of hand.  
The most common reason for an amputation is infection, one that gets out of control and therefore, parts of or the entire foot must be removed to prevent further damage.  This article outlines several things that you can do right now to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. 
1. See a podiatrist regularly.  Seeing your local Scottsdale podiatrist is a routine that you should have.  It is a good idea to see a Scottsdale foot doctor every two months because the doctor will regularly check your feet and by doing so catch any problems before they become untreatable and need surgery. 
2. Wear comfortable shoes and orthotics.  The best thing that we can do is provide a comfortable environment for your feet and this will prevent sores and wounds from easily occurring.  For example, wearing shoes with a narrow toe box, such as high-heels can lead to a bunion, which brings with it irritation, redness, sores, and pain.  By wearing comfortable shoes, we can avoid many foot problems such as bunions, heel pain, and achilles tendinitis.  Custom made orthotics is an extra supportive measure that will provide the greatest walking comfort for your feet.  
3. Check your feet every day.  This tactic will make you aware of any foot pain, cuts, and sores.  If you find a foot problem, come in to see your podiatrist right away.  Don’t try to treat it yourself.  This is too risky and the problem could easily become worse.  Checking your feet everyday is one of the smartest things you can do for yourself to prevent foot problems from getting out of control.  It will also negate the effect of diabetic neuropathy, where you won’t even feel the pain from cuts and sores that you have on your feet. 
4. Wash you feet everyday.  This strategy keeps bacteria and dirt out of your sores if you do have them and therefore, will drastically reduce the chances that you get an infection. 
These four strategies are used as preventative techniques for diabetics to avoid infection and therefore avoid the likelihood of an amputation.  As a diabetic, it is crucial that you see a podiatrist regularly.  The American Foot and Ankle Specialists is located in Scottsdale, AZ.  Call 480-483-9000 and schedule a consultation today!  At our Scottsdale podiatry office, same and next day appointments are often available.  Diabetic Foot Care is essential.  Give us a call at 480-483-9000 today!