Treating Your Chronic Foot Pain
December 02, 2016
Category: Foot Care
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Chronic pain in any part of the body can be frustrating, but when that pain confined to the foot area, it can be overwhelming since we are foot painconstantly using our feet for everyday activities like walking or driving a car. Dr. Michael Stegman and Dr. John Erotas, podiatrists in Scottsdale and Sun City, AZ, have listed a few of the common reasons why patients visit American Foot & Ankle Specialists with a complaint of chronic foot pain. They also explain how these problems are treated.


If a sprain or fracture to the ankle fails to heal properly, it may lead to chronic foot pain that presents as instability, swelling, tenderness or a deep ache for several months following the injury. In cases like these, your podiatrist will examine the area and use imaging tests like X-rays or MRIs to determine the location and extent of the problem. Immobilization and physical therapy may correct the problem. Occasionally surgery may be required to reposition the bone or ligaments.

Plantar fasciitis

Pain in the heel that is worse after a period of sitting or in the morning when you wake up could be plantar fasciitis. Sometimes known as "policeman's heel," this is a common condition that often affects people who are required to do a lot of standing at their jobs. People who have increased their exercise routine significantly, especially runners, are also at risk for developing plantar fasciitis, which is a breakdown of the ligament between the heel and big toe. Your Scottsdale and Sun City foot doctor diagnoses plantar fasciitis through an examination; most cases will not need diagnostic imaging. Most cases will get better by following a regimen of rest, heat and ice application and strengthening exercises. In a few cases, surgery to sever the ligament may be necessary if conservative treatment does not bring results.

Achilles tendinitis

When the tendon that connects the muscles of the lower leg to the heel bone is subjected to overuse, Achilles tendinitis can develop. Like plantar fasciitis, this problem can happen with an increase in exercise. Age can also be a factor. A physical exam from your podiatrist and an ultrasound can detect inflammation in the area, which can be treated with physical therapy or shoe inserts.

If you're dealing with chronic foot pain, we want to help you get back on your feet! Contact American Foot & Ankle Specialists in Scottsdale and Sun City, AZ for an appointment today!