Treatment For Ingrown Toenail Pain - Scottsdale, Arizona
Ingrown toenails can be extremely painful.  If you are pressing into the side of your toenail and experiencing tremendous pain, you may have an ingrown toenail.  They are fairly common and nothing too much to worry about.  One should definitely see a podiatrist though as quickly as possible to remove the pointed section of the nail that is causing all of the toe pain.  If not, it may worsen and turn into an infection.  
An ingrown toenail occurs when a portion of the nail sticks into the side of the toe skin.  After walking and continuously pushing on the toe, the nail digs into the skin causing swelling and a very painful cut.  The longer the nail is there, the deeper and more painful the cut can be.  If not treated properly, the cut can turn into a bad infection.

To prevent an infection, it is important to see your Scottsdale podiatrist immediately to eliminate the part of the nail that is sticking into your skin.  Some people feel that they can remove the nail themselves.  As a Scottsdale foot doctor, I highly recommend against this.  One can ultimately do more damage than good.
Because the nail is growing awkwardly, one does not have the experience to get rid of all the nail that they will need too.  One can get too much of the nail causing a bigger wound than necessary or too little of the nail, which will make the toe more swollen, more painful, and cause the nail to continue growing into the skin. 
If you are a diabetic, it is especially important to see your foot doctor for this problem.  Any foot problem that can lead to an infection needs to be treated right away as an an infection can warrant the need for an amputation.  Also, if you have diabetic neuropathy and don’t even feel the pain of the nail but the area looks red and swollen, please immediately see your podiatrist!
Diabetics must have regular check ups with podiatrists to make sure their feet remain healthy as diabetic neuropathy can mask problems that get bad enough to warrant amputation.  
The American Foot and Ankle Specialists are located in Scottsdale, AZ.  Both Dr. Michael Stegman and Dr. John Erotas have extensive experience treating a wide range of foot and nail problems.  If you have an ingrown toenail in Scottsdale and feel that this problem is getting too bothersome, come in today for a consultation! 
Scottsdale Podiatry can get rid of that extra nail with no hassle so the pain subsides and the foot condition doesn’t get any worse. Call 480-483-9000 today and schedule a consultation!