What is a Bone Spur?
August 07, 2017
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An uncomfortable and embarrassing foot condition that some patients struggle with is called bone spurs. A bone spur can affect how youBone Spur walk, how your shoes fit and make it difficult or impossible to participate in athletic activities. If you have a bone spur, there are treatments available at American Foot & Ankle Specialists in Scottsdale and Sun City, AZ that can help.

What Is a Bone Spur?
A bone spur is a growth on one of the bones of the foot. It happens in other areas of the body but is often most troublesome when it’s on the foot because you have to wear shoes and walk or run in discomfort. Bone spurs usually develop on the top of the foot, the toes, the heel, or the arch below the foot. This uncomfortable growth develops over a long period of time and tends to get worse without treatment. It can be related to arthritis, tendinitis, plantar fasciitis and other foot problems. Overweight patients and those who wear inexpensive shoes that fit poorly are also more at risk of developing bone spurs.

Signs You Have a Bone Sour
A bone spur is difficult to ignore, so if you have one you will most certainly know it before you see your Scottsdale or Sun City podiatrist for treatment. Here are some of the most obvious signs:

- A bony protrusion from the foot that you can feel with your fingers.
- Pain and aching when you walk or run around the spur, which becomes a pressure point.
- Inability to fit your shoes normally.
- General process of aging.
- Bone spurs sometimes run in families (hereditary).

Podiatric Treatments for Bone Spurs
The treatments for bone spurs include physical therapy, stretching exercises, orthotics, and orthopedic shoes. With orthotics and better shoes, you halt the formation and growth of the spur, which alleviates the pain. In some cases, surgery may be suggested to reduce the growth or release pressure on a ligament that may be causing the bone spur.

Ask Your Podiatrist for Help and Advice 
Don’t continue to put unnecessary stress on your feet by living with bone spurs. Dr. Michael Stegman and Dr. John Erotas can help. Call American Foot & Ankle Specialists in Scottsdale (480-483-9000) or Sun City, AZ (623-977-8388) to schedule an appointment for prompt treatment.