What To Do About Pain At The Back Of Your Ankle
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  This week is always festive, with a never-ending source of football, family, and food, what is not to enjoy!  As a Scottsdale podiatrist, it is my duty to understand my patients and the foot problems that they are having so I can relieve this foot pain for this wonderful holiday.  
Is there a terrible pain in the back of your ankle?  This condition is commonly referred to as Achilles Tendinitis.  The Achilles Tendon connects the back of your leg to the heel and is the largest tendon in the body.  It is used for walking, running, and jumping and  when overused and overworked, it can become inflamed and painful making it extremely difficult to go about normal daily activities.
Here are the common symptoms of Achilles Tendinitis:    
  • Localized pain along the tendon (which is located in the back of the ankle) during or a few hours after running.
  • Morning tenderness
  • Stiffness
  • Mild or possibly severe swelling.  
  • Sluggishness in your leg
My patients come to me at my Scottsdale podiatry office for the best possible treatment not only to alleviate the pain of Achilles Tendinitis but also to eliminate the condition itself.  As the injury is often due to overuse, the best treatment is usually a slow recovery process of rest and comfortability, allowing the tendon to heal itself in time.  
Treatments include:
  • An ace bandage that is specifically designed to restrict the motion of the tendon and limit pain and further injury.  
  • Anti-inflammatory medication.  Please consult your physician first before taking any medication.
  • Get custom orthotics and comfortable shoes.  Wearing both orthotics and comfortable shoes provide the foot with an extremely supportive environment that helps the Achilles tendon to heal without further trauma.  
  • Rest.  Rest takes the pressure off of your achilles tendon giving it the space it needs to heal without constant pressure.  
  • Ice.  Ice helps to relieve pain and swelling.  
  • Stretching and strengthening exercises.  
As a Scottsdale foot doctor, I also recommend physical therapy.  Physical therapy is very helpful in treating Achilles Tendinitis. It has proven to work better for noninsertional tendinitis than for insertional tendinitis.
Surgery should be considered to relieve Achilles Tendinitis only if the pain does not improve after 6 months of nonsurgical treatment. The specific type of surgery depends on the location of the tendinitis and the amount of damage done to the tendon.
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