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Bunion Treatment


Bunions are in fact one of the most common foot problems in podiatry and Dr. John Erotas and Dr. Michael Stegman have helped patients for over two decades significantly reduce the pain and size of their bunions. 


Most bunions develop because the person is consistently wearing uncomfortable shoes that cause them foot pain.  These shoes cause the big toe joint to push outwards while the big toe moves inwards toward the other toes. 

There are a few steps that you can take right away to reduce the size of your bunion or at the very least, stop it from continuing to grow.  The first way is to ice your foot regularly.  This will help stop and reduce some of the bunion's inflammation helping it to decrease in size.  The next thing to do is make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes.


This includes wearing shoes that are not only comfortable to walk in but also give your toes enough room in the toe box.  You don’t want your toes to squeeze together as this will cause even more pressure on your big toe joint.  One of the best ways to ensure foot support is by wearing custom orthotics.  


Custom orthotics are fit specifically to your individualized foot allowing the maximum amount of foot support while you walk.  Dr. Stegman molds your orthotics himself to ensure your orthotics will have the maximum benefit.  Call 480-483-9000 and schedule your consultation for orthotics with a podiatrist today!


Taking Care Of Your Bunion Immediately!


Bunion pain occurs because the bunion growth has reached a point where it is rubbing against the side of your shoes causing friction, inflammation, redness, pain, and cuts.  If left untreated, such cuts only grow deeper and in some cases, an infection develops.  


As a foot doctor, Dr. Stegman will recommend to you a series of treatment methods to reduce the size of your bunion.  Most of the time these treatments significantly reduce bunion size and at the very least stop the bunion from continuing to grow.  If none of these treatments should work, surgery is often recommended and virtually eliminates the bunion as well as re-aligns your toes.  In severe cases, this is often the best treatment as it is a low-risk procedure with a relatively short rehabilitation or recovery period. 


The American Foot and Ankle Specialists have Phoenix locations in Sun City and Scottsdale.  Our focus is on patient satisfaction and curing you of this condition.


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By Michael Stegman