Recover From Achilles Tendinitis

Achilles Tendinitis is condition where the Achilles Tendon, a thick band of tissues that connects the calf muscle to the heal, suffers tissue damage and pain.  It is important to see apodiatrist right away if you experience Achilles Tendon pain because leaving this ankle condition untreated can result in an Achilles Tendon rupture, which requires significant surgery. 

Achilles Tendinitis usually occurs after a sudden increase in activity.  Doing so leaves the Achilles Tendon tight and weakened.  If pain isn’t severe, calf stretching directed at the Achilles Tendon and ankle strengthening exercises will help the Tendon tissue recover. 


Also, importantly is wearing the correct footwear.  Many patients I see are wearing shoes that are not specific to their foot type.  There are different foot types such as high-arches and flat feet and if someone with high-arches doesn’t wear shoes that match there foot type, it can actively lead to painful foot conditions such as Achilles Tendinitis.  


Footwear To End Achilles Tendinitis


In our office, Dr. Michael Stegman will make sure you are wearing shoes that will enhance your foot support and not create your foot problems.  Also, we can provide custom made orthotics that provide the maximum amount of foot support while walking.  Generic in soles in store bought shoes do no support different foot types and even lead to foot injuries.  Wearing your own custom orthotics that are fit specifically to your feet will make sure that not only will any current foot problems go away but also prevent foot problems in the future.  


You can also apply ice to decrease inflammation as well as take ant-inflammatory medications such as ibu-profen.  


The American Foot and Ankle Specialists with both Scottsdale podiatry and Sun City podiatry offices in Phoenix, Arizona has helped patients overcome Achilles Tendinitis for over twenty years and as mentioned earlier, it is essential to get this problem handled now before the Achilles Tendon ruptures and you require surgery. 


Our patients have come back to us over the years because we guarantee their satisfaction and do everything in our power to help them solve their foot problem.  


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