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Dipa Karmakar is the first Indian woman to qualify as a gymnast for the Olympics.  This Olympian's speciality is pole vaulting and billions of people are watching. She has flat feet and has made it to the Olympics.  Many people have flat feet and with the right podiatry treatment, you can overcome any pain you are experiencing. 


Supporting Flat Feet


Problems with flat feet start as when one begins to experience foot pain.  Your feet may tire easily, the inside bottom of your feet can become swollen, and foot movements can become difficult.  Flat feet, due to alignment issues, also can lead to back and leg pain.


While flat feet is usually painless, without proper foot care, it can lead to a range of foot problems.  You may be experiencing pain in your ankles, knees, and feet all due to flat feet since it affects your walking pattern and the alignment of your legs. 


There are several traditional treatments that serve to support this foot type alleviating the swelling and pain of flat feet.  Such treatments, because flat feet are now being supported, can help eliminate the back and leg pain.  


Changing Footwear For The Better


The first correction to be made is with footwear.  Different shoes are made for different foot types.  You’ll want to make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes that support flat feet.  If you are wearing shoes that do not actively support flat feet, this is one reason why you may be experiencing foot pain. 


The next footwear treatment, which has amazing results, is prescription orthotics.  Custom molded orthotics, made by our podiatrists at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists, are molded specifically to your individual foot shape and walking pattern.  In this way, not only are they better than store-bought orthotics but also provide that maximum amount of supports for your individual foot.  


Stretching, strengthening exercises, and physical therapy may also help by strengthening the areas of the foot that have become weakened due to flat feet.  To relieve swelling, you may want to apply homeopathic topical creams and also give a soft tissue massage to the area, which provides new blood flow to tightened and damaged tissue.  


Flat feet is a common foot type and it must be protected.  Normal protection includes prescription orthotics and the correct footwear.  For over twenty years, the podiatrist at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists have helped patients overcome any foot pain and conditions of which flat feet is the cause. 


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By Michael Stegman