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December 14, 2017
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Aging feet develop more problems due to the wear and tear of joints over the course of many years. This can be problematic for many geriatric foot careindividuals, which is why your Scottsdale and Sun City, AZ, podiatrists, Drs. Michael Stegman and John Erotas, are here to help.

The Problem

Aging leads to foot problems because our skin:

  • Thins
  • Loses elasticity
  • Becomes more dry
  • More fragile.

Routine foot care can help avoid the development of diabetes and arthritis, which may affect foot health; healing may take longer for the elderly.

People experience more foot pain, which can be debilitating. Foot pain can be problematic for mobility, especially when someone wants to exercise to maintain their health and pursue social activities, especially as they age.

Signs of aging feet include:

  • More regular aches and pains
  • Developing bunions
  • Signs of clawing of the toes
  • General circulatory problems

How to Stay Healthy

Staying active helps keep feet healthy by:

  • Toning up muscles
  • Strengthening arches
  • Stimulating blood circulation.

General Foot Care Advice from your Scottsdale and Sun City podiatrists

  • Cutting toenails properly to prevent soreness, infections, ulcerations and ingrown toenails.
  • Checking your feet daily and moisturizing them to prevent dryness of the soles, heels, and brittle toenails.
  • Keeping feet warm, like wearing stockings, but make sure they're not too tight to avoid poor circulation and cramps.


The older you get, the more important it is to,

  • Wear comfortable, well-fitting, supportive shoes that hold your foot firmly in place for adequate support
  • Avoid wearing slippers since that will encourage feet to shuffle around
  • A pair of running shoes for proper shock absorption, stability, and arch support
  • Avoid plastic uppers that do not allow feet to breathe and stretch to accommodate your foot shape.

Managing your aging feet is important. If you have any questions or concerns about foot care, you should contact your Scottsdale and Sun City, AZ, podiatrists, Drs. Michael Stegman and John Erotas. They have the expertise to help figure out and treat your foot issues.


Sometimes a person’s feet may hurt them and they have no idea why.  They come in to see a podiatrist and find out their shoes are not right for them, or even the soles of their shoes do not support them well.  Improper foot wear can cause a lot of pain especially if you are on your feet all day at work.  

An essential part of footwear is the soles within the shoes and how they fit your feet.  Everyone has a different foot and if you have a certain type of foot and are getting foot pain, you may extremely benefit from custom orthotics.

Custom orthotics are specially made soles that fit your feet perfectly and give you perfect support.  Many patients I find reduce their foot pain tremendously just by using custom orthotics.  People with flat feet, high-arched feet, those who exercise and play a lot of sports, those who work long hours on their feet may benefit from having this extra support.

The extra support provides a stability so your feet do not have to work as hard when you walk.  Custom orthotics fit comfortably on your feet so you walk in an optimal way.  The result is a supported foot and therefore, a foot that gets much less pain.  You may be surprised after getting custom orthotics how when your at work, exercising, or just walking around, your feet no longer hurt and when your feet no longer hurt, you are happier, life is better, and you can do a better job at what you are doing.


Of course foot care is crucial to daily life.  No one wants to walk around with foot pain and custom orthotics is a simple solution that can have you walking around with no pain all because your foot is being supported the right way.


Here at American Foot And Ankle Specialists we can fit you for a custom orthotic that you can then put in your shoes.  Our offices are located in Scottsdale and Sun City Arizona.  Dr. Michael Stegman and Dr.  John Erotas specialize in using custom orthotics to eliminate foot pain and provide extra support for those on their feet.


Call our office today at 480-483-9000 and set up an appointment.  


By John Erotas