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Prevent Further Injury


Suffering an ankle sprain is often a shock because it usually isn’t a severe injury but just enough to keep you immobile.  Now, as a podiatrist, one of the main focuses I tell my patients to have is that there are two stages to healing an ankle sprain: the actual healing of the sprain and the rehabilitation of the sprain.  Both are equally important and in this post, I’ll explain why and how to go about quickly healing your sprain. 


Most sprains take around 6 weeks to heal.  The first step after a sprain is just to get off your ankle, elevate your foot and ice it.  Ice your ankle 3 times a day for fifteen minutes for the first week until inflammation has subsided.  The decrease in inflammation will help the ankle to heal faster.  


Also, if you can’t walk without pain, use crutches until you can.  The goal of sprain repair is to do whatever it takes not to further damage your ankle as this will only prolong the healing process.  Once you can walk on your ankle with little to no pain, use an ankle brace until your ankle is fully healed. 

An ankle brace is crucial to treating an ankle sprain because it restricts the movement of the ankle going making it virtually impossible to further damage the ligaments, tendons, and muscles around the ankle.  


Make sure to come in for an office visit at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists to see on of our podiatrists.  It is vital to take an x-ray of your ankle to ensure that you did not fracture your ankle but only sprain it.  This way we will know how to treat it and if you did fracture it, there will be a completely different path toward healing.  


Now, if you do have black and blues surrounding your ankle, don’t worry.  This is completely normal.  Again, it will take about 6 weeks to heal and once healed, you will have an equally important job to do in regards to healing the ankle. 


Re-Strengthen Ankle Weakness


Rehabilitation of the ankle prevents a re-sprain and chronic re-sprains that commit the patient to a long period of injury.  Because the ankle is extremely weak after a sprain, any simple, little mister can cause the ankle to roll or twist and you will have to undergo another six weeks of healing.  Physical Therapy will be helpful at this point.  


The first step is to determine the extent of your sprain by getting an x-ray.  Call (480) 483-9000 and schedule an appointment with one of our foot doctors.


Treatment For Your Ankle


After an ankle sprain, you will immediately want to lie down, elevate your foot, and ice your ankle.  This will help to decrease the inflammation, which amplifies the amount of pain a person experiences in the first few days after a sprain.  Icing your ankle two to three times per day for fifteen minutes is recommended.  You can also take anti-inflammatory medication to help reduce pain and inflammation. 


The goal after an ankle sprain is to prevent any further damage to the ligaments, tendons, muscles, and tissues surrounding the ankle.  To do this, if you cannot walk around without pain after you ice your ankle, wear crutches until you can safely walk around without pain.  The next step is to always wear a restrictive ankle brace.  This is a person’s best friend after a sprain because it makes it virtually impossible for someone to damage their ankle.  


Next, it is time to schedule an appointment at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists.  You can either visit our Sun City podiatry or Scottsdale podiatry office locations and a podiatrist will first give you an x-ray to determine that you have a sprain and not a fracture.  Once we know for sure, we can proceed with treatment and advice.  Ankle sprains usually take around six weeks to heal but only if it doesn’t incur further damage. 


How To Avoid Re-Injuring Your Ankle


Ankle sprains are an injury that is extremely easy to re-injure.  Many times I see patients that have had an ankle sprain, waited patiently six week for the sprain to heel only to re-sprain the ankle while walking around a day or so later.  


This type of problem is called a chronic ankle sprain and the reason why this occurs is because after a sprain heel, the ankle and it’s surrounding ligaments, tendons, and muscles are still extremely weak.  They cannot support either the balance of weight of the body and so any little misstep causing them to roll.


This is why some form of rehabilitation is needed to finish off the healing process of an ankle sprain or a person is at an extreme risk for another sprain.  This can be done through physical therapy or through home exercises that are recommended by a professional.  


To heal an ankle sprain, come in to see one of our foot doctors who can provide both the treatment and advice you will need.  We guarantee that with our help you will only have to go through the recovery process once. 


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By John Erotas


How To Heal Your Ankle 


Ankle sprains occur when you least expect it.  Just a simple misstep can roll the ankle to a point causing a sprain, weakness, ligament tears, and swelling.  Once an ankle sprain occurs, the key is to heal the ankle without sustaining further injury and for this reason, healing an ankle sprain is extremely tricky.   


At the American Foot and Ankle Specialists, our podiatrists not only show you how to heal your ankle sprain quickly but also how to strengthen the ankle so you don’t sustain another injury.  Chronic ankle sprains are common and we make sure our patients do not fall into this trap. 


If you have just sustained a sprain, the first thing you will want to do is lie down, elevate your foot, and ice your ankle.  Icing your ankle will reduce inflammation and thereby, reduce a significant amount of the pain you will experience.  Icing should be applied at least three times a day for the first week.  


Preventing Further Injuries


As mentioned previously, the key is to prevent further damage to your ankle.  So next, if you cannot walk without pain, make sure to wear crutches until you can walk comfortably.  Also, you will definitely want to wear an ankle brace if you are walking without crutches. 

An ankle brace is key to our patient’s healing process.  They restrict the movement of the ankle and therefore, make it extremely difficult to re-injure the ankle.  Providing important support, ankle braces are essential during recovery.  


Anti-inflammatory medications such as Tylenol or Advil will also help to decrease pain and inflammation after the injury.  


The symptoms of an ankle sprain are usually quite clear.  Your ankle will start to swell immediately and it may bruise.  It will be tender to the touch and hurt when it moves.  In more sever sprains, you may hear or feel something pop or snap.  Usually, the more pain and swelling you have, the more severe the ankle sprain is. 


One advantage of scheduling an appointment with one of our Sun City or Scottsdale podiatrists is that we will provide an x-ray for your foot to determine the severity of your sprain.  This way, we can check that you do not have any fractures and it is just a sprain that you suffered.  


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Ankle sprains are usually minor injuries that take around six weeks to heal but without proper care and treatment, you can end up unnecessarily furthering the ankle damage and prolonging the recovery period.  This is why it is essential to see us at either our Sun City podiatry or Scottsdale podiatry office.  We guarantee that we can help you heal this injury in a matter of weeks. 


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By John Erotas


How To Heal An Ankle Sprain


An ankle sprain is easily fixed with the correct treatment.  As a podiatrist, I help patients everyday heal from an ankle sprain.  Normally, an ankle sprain takes 4 - 6 weeks to heal.  With the correct treatment and advice from a podiatrist, you will not only heal your sprain but also make sure you do not twist or roll it again. 

Re-current ankle sprains are actually very common.  To avoid this fate, there are a few things you should know.  Firstly, I will explain how to treat your sprain. 


If you have just sprained your ankle, lie down, elevate your foot, and ice your ankle.  Icing will reduce inflammation and pain and speed up the recovery process.  Make sure to ice your ankle three times a day for 15 minutes for the first week of your sprain.  Next, if you cannot walk without terrible pain, use crutches.  


Avoid Further Injury

The goal is to avoid further damage to the ankle as that will only increase the time it takes a person to recover.  The next thing to do is see one of our podiatrist at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists.  You can choose from either our Sun City podiatry or Scottsdale podiatry location. 


Here, a podiatrist will x-ray your ankle to determine the severity of the sprain and make sure your ankle is not fractured.  We will also offer you a brace to restrict the ankle’s movements.  A brace is critical because with one, it is virtually impossible to re-injure your ankle in normal daily activity.  


Custom orthotics may be given to you to support your feet further and we will also instruct you on the right shoes to wear during your recovery. 

When you leave our podiatry office, the key is to rest, avoid activity that will injure your ankle, and wear your ankle brace.  After a few weeks of healing, the next thing to do is strengthen the ankle.  Currently, the ankle is extremely weak and cannot support the weight and balance of the body.  Any little misstep can cause another ankle sprain and many more weeks in recovery. 


Ankle strengthening exercises will make it so your ankle can support your body’s movements and be protected.  


Ankle sprains are simple to treat but re-injuries are common.  We will do everything in our power to make sure you heal from your sprain and do not re-injure your ankle.  We guarantee that by coming to us, you will get better. 


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By Michael Stegman


A Guide For Ankle Treatment


Ankle Sprains happen everyday and as a podiatrist, I help my patients implement effective strategies to heal their sprain quickly and make sure the ankle doesn't sprain again.  The worse thing that can happen is to spend weeks healing the ankle only to re-twist it and begin the healing process all over again.  


If you just sprained your ankle, the first thing to do is of course get off your ankle, elevate your foot, and put ice on it.  Icing your ankle 3 times a day for 15 minutes will reduce inflammation helping the ankle to sprain.  You can also take a pain reliever like ibuprofen (Tylenol, Advil, etc.) to reduce inflammation and help with pain. 


Protect Your Ankle


The entire aim of the first few weeks after a sprain is to prevent further damage to the ankle.  If you cannot walk, use crutches for the first few days after an injury.  Also, very importantly, buy an ankle brace that restricts the movements of the ankle.  An ankle brace makes sure the ankle cannot move from side to side and doing so, prevent further damage to the ligaments, tendons, and muscle tissue surrounding the ankle. 


If you have a black and blue, don’t worry.  This is par for the course with an ankle sprain and will heal up soon.  After a sprain, see one of our podiatrists at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists.  We will provide you advice on how to get better and well as specific treatment to help the sprain heal faster.  This may include custom orthotics, an ankle brace, and changing your footwear to support the foot’s movements throughout the day. 


After podiatry treatment and the ankle begins to heal, the next essential step is to re-strengthen the ankle.  With an ankle injury, the surrounding muscles are weakened.  They can no longer provide the balance and support of a healthy ankle.  


Any little misstep can cause a twist or a roll leading to chronic ankle sprains.  Re-strengthening the ankle will prevent another ankle sprain.  Exercises such as balancing on the Bosu ball help the ankle to build back it’s strength.


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By John Erotas