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Recover From Achilles Tendinitis


Are you experiencing pain at the back of your ankle?  The Achilles Tendon attaches the heel bone to the calf muscle.  Many runners and middle-aged people get achilles tendinitis who only play sports on the weekends.  This is because a sudden increase in activity can trigger achilles tendinitis.  


Achilles tendinitis usually begins as a mild ache just above the heel after running or another sports activity.  Without treatment, episodes of more-severe pain may occur while sprinting or pro-longed running.  Patients with achilles tendinitis often experience tenderness or stiffness in the morning.  If you are experiencing persistent pain, it is time to see a foot doctor at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists.


The goal is not only to heal achilles tendinitis but also to prevent a rupture.  If you have severe pain and disability, you may have a rupture.  Our goal is to heal your achilles tendinitis before it ruptures as a rupture is a much more severe injury and often requires surgery.  


Achilles Tendinitis is caused by repetitive strain to the achilles tendon, which damages cell tissue.  This can occur due to a sudden increase in activity but also because tight muscles and improper footwear have created an environment where an Achilles Tendon injury is likely.  


Changing Footwear


The podiatrist that you see at our office will make sure you are wearing appropriate shoes for your lifestyle and foot type, which will likely help prevent future injury.  Many of our patients benefit from custom made orthotics that provide their feet maximum support while walking and exercising.  People with flat feet and high-arched feet particularly benefit from custom, podiatrist-made orthotics.  


Different stretching and strengthening exercises will promote the healing of the achilles tendon as well as orthotic devices and the right footwear for your feet.  Though conservative treatments normally work, if months have gone by or your tendon has a tear, you may need surgery.  


Achilles tendinitis usually disappears after a few weeks of stretching, strengthening, and proper footwear.  Just be careful and you will likely be healed within weeks.  Again, the greatest risk of Achilles Tendinitis is tear, which will require many months of rehabilitation and often surgery.  If you can avoid this fate, then achilles tendinitis is nothing to be worried about. 


Our foot doctors have decades of experience treating achilles tendinitis not only healing tissue damage but ensuring this injury is unlikely to return. 

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Podiatry Treatment For Hammertoes


There are more than 200,000 cases in the US of hammertoes every year.  You are not alone in this affliction.  Luckily, a hammertoe can be treated by a foot doctor at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists.   It is important to book your appointment as quickly as possible as the hammertoe will continue to bend.  


Hammertoes are often caused by wearing restrictive shoes or high-heels that place additional stresses on the toes causes them to curl.  It often most affects the toe next to the big toe.  A hammertoes is usually inflexible making it difficult to move.  Part of treatment includes adding flexibility the stiffened toes.


A hammertoe becomes painful when to develops corns or calluses or constantly rubs up against the top of a person’s shoes.  Again, seeing a podiatrist at either our Sun City podiatry or Scottsdale podiatry locations can help you avoid this.  


Relieving The Pain Of Hammertoes


The first line treatment is correcting a person’s footwear making it perfect for them in order to decrease the likelihood of foot pain, corns, calluses, or increased curling of the toes.  This is done through understand what shoes you need for your lifestyle, which one of our podiatrist will advise you on during your visit.  Normally, the shoes you want to wear are roomier and more flexible in order to reduce the amount of pressure placed on the hammertoes.  


Also, custom shoe inserts and pads will help you have comfortable feet each day.  At the American Foot and Ankle Specialists, we create a custom pair of prescription orthotics for our patients with hammertoes.  These orthotics provide incredible support because they match both the person’s walking pattern and foot shape.  Everyone has a different foot shape and by wearing orthotics that are specifically made to support your foot, it virtually guarantees that you will experience less foot pain.  


Again, the symptoms of hammertoes involve pain of the hammertoes when wearing your shoes, the development of corns or calluses because of the friction of the hammertoe against your shoes, inflammation, redness, potential burning, continued curvature of the toe, and in more sever cases, open sores may form.  


Podiatry treatment is the best way to find the treatment and support your need to not only alleviate the foot pain caused by hammertoes but also stop the hammertoe from continuing to curl.  The podiatrists at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists have over two decades of experience treating hammertoes and we guarantee that we can help you solve this troublesome foot condition.


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By John Erotas


Removing Toenail Fungus 


If you have yellow, hardened, disfigured nails, you are most likely suffering from embarassing toenail fungus.  It is vital to consult a podiatrist at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists to treat this nail fungus because of how contagious toenail fungus is. 


It can live in socks, shoes, and on bed sheets and jump onto the people around you.   Toenail fungus can be embarrassing to walk around barefoot or wear sandals.  Fortunately, by seeing a foot doctor, you can receive immediate treatment that will remove nail fungus.  


If you are diabetic, it is particularly important to receive treatment for nail fungus because hard, disfigured nails may cut the feet and lead to an infection.  Infection, if unnoticed, is the main cause of diabetic complications.  


Treating Contagious Fungus With A Podiatrist


Because the fungus is extremely contagious and can live anywhere, it is important to wash your bed sheets often, do not wear socks more than once without cleaning them, and sanitize your shoes.  Otherwise, fungus may keep jumping back onto your feet.  


Fungus lives in warm, moist environments like swimming pools and showers.  If using a public shower or public locker room, avoid puddles or wear sandals. 


Treatments found in pharmacies like CVS often aren't strong enough to quickly kill fungus and people often get caught in a cycle of treatment and re-infection.  It is best to use the medicine prescribed by a podiatrist because it kills fungus quickly.  


The first line of treatment is medicated nail cream, which you rub into your nails after soaking.  A more powerful medication applies an acidic solution to kill fungus.   


In more severe cases, Laser light therapies and nail removal may be used to remove fungus.  If your nail infection is painful, the doctor may recommend removing your nail.  


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Dr. John Erotas and Dr. Michael Stegman are both podiatrists with over 20 years of experience treating nail fungus and are confident that they can help you eliminate toenail fungus for good. 


As Phoenix based podiatrists, our sole focus is on patient satisfaction and curing patients of medical conditions that negatively impact their lives.  We look forward to helping you achieve healthy, clean, and attractive looking feet.  


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By Michael Stegman





Foot Wart Treatment


Everyone at some point in their life has a wart.  You don’t need to feel embarrassed because warts are extremely common.  What you do need is fast treatment. 


Warts are highly contagious and not only can easily jump from person to person but also grow new warts either around the current wart or on different parts of the body.  All it takes is a simple touch.  This is because warts are caused by a virus and it is the job of this virus to spread. 


Usually foot warts look like a small open bump and are sometimes painful when pressed upon.  Warts, if you look closely, have tiny little black dots on them.  These dots are blood vessels where the virus is feeding the wart through the blood.  This is why warts are so hard to kill because they are constantly being fed and made stronger by a virus. 


How To Kill A Wart

To kill a wart, it is important to both treat the virus and the wart.  This is done by anti-biotics or oover-the-counter medication to kill the virus and by various different medications applied to the wart itself.  


If over the counter wart medicines have not worked for you so far, it is time to see a foot doctor in either our Sun City or Scottsdale location.  This is because a stronger medication is needed to kill off the wart, which again is common. 

The medications we provide contain an acid that kills the wart over a few week period.  It is best to get the wart treated as soon as possible before it spreads and creates more warts making it even more difficult to treat.  The acid kills the wart while the anti-viral medication kills the virus.  


Our Locations In Phoenix


The American Foot and Ankle Specialists have locations in Sun City and Scottsdale, AZ.  Our podiatrists, Dr. Michael Stegman and Dr. John Erotas, are podiatrists with over 25 years of experience and are confident that they can cure you of your foot wart.  


If the new stronger medication doesn’t work, we can provide a simple procedure that cuts away the wart.  There are several different strategies we use to treat the wart and we will find the best one that works. 


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Our practice focuses on patient satisfaction, which is why we have been in business for over 20 years.  Our patients get success because we find the cures to their foot conditions fast and accurately.  We are looking forward to helping you get rid of this wart for good. 

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By John Erotas

Diabetic Foot Treatment


Diabetes is a disease that is dangerous for the feet.  Luckily, preventative medicine can help you avoid many of the pitfalls as a diabetic.  This is where practicing tips and strategies to avoid  the disasters that can spring forth from the diabetic condition, such as amputation, is necessary.  


The first thing you want to do is of course change your diet.  This means only healthy food!  Even as a podiatrist, I want you to cure the cause of all your foot risks, which is, in this case, diabetes.  


Now, to protect your feet, there are a handful of things that you can do which work and I see them work over and over again for my patients. 


Strategies To Keep Your Feet Healthy


Firstly, keep your feet comfortable.  By wearing comfortable shoes that are great for walking and custom orthotics, the foot is in a much healthier environment.  Walking will cause less pain and the chances of injuring yourself significantly decrease. 


Next, check your own feet everyday.  By looking at your feet thoroughly each day, you will be able to find any problems while they are at the beginning stages.  Then you can see us immediately for any necessary treatment.  


Next, wash your feet everyday.  This will clean the bacteria off of your feet and if you do happen to have a cut, it can prevent infection.  


Also, make sure to see a podiatrist regularly about once every two months.  At American Foot and Ankle Specialists, we’ll detect any problems, immediately treating them before they turn into a worse condition.  Infection is the main cause of amputation.  By seeing a podiatrist, you are greatly reducing the chances that you get an infection.  


Next, if you do spot a problem, make an appointment with us, even for the littlest thing.  Trying to treat an injury by yourself could both make it worse and not heal the problem, making you have this injury for weeks when it could have been treated right away.  As soon as you see something, call 480-483-9000 and schedule a consultation!


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Dr. Michael Stegman and Dr. John Erotas have helped patients in Phoenix for over 25 years.  As a diabetic, a foot care plan is the difference between health and disability.  Call 480-483-9000 now and schedule your consultation!


By John Erotas