Treating Children's Foot Problems

Children grow at a rapid rate, always growing, and this includes their feet.  As a child’s foot grows, it is important to establish healthy walking patterns.  The reasons for this are many including that if your child is showing signs of improper walking now, it may lead to issues in the future such painful bunions, hammertoes, and chronic tendonitis in the foot.


This is why it is essential for children to see a foot doctor at an early age so potential foot issues can be spotted right away and be corrected and good walking becomes a lifelong habit.  As a child develops his or her walking habits, it will effect them for the rest of their life and as such, it is a good idea to see a Scottsdale podiatrist so a child is lead in the right direction for proper foot growth that will make him or her stronger and more capable throughout their entire life.  


Some common foot problems that I see in children include: 


Flat or High Arched Feet- Flat or high arched feet involve the shape of the arch underneath the child’s foot.  Many children’s arch are either a bit too flat or a bit to arched affecting the way one walks.  For example, these type of arches can influence a child to walk perpetually on his toes or walk with an inward facing step.  


Type Of Walking- Other issues children have with their feet involve developing walking in a strange way that needs to be corrected for healthy foot development.  Again, walking incorrectly can lead to many further childrens foot problems like painful bunions, tendonitis, heel pain, and other such chronic issues later in life.  These problems are easily corrected but seeing a foot specialist is a must. 


Such strange walking includes:  


  1. Toe Walking
  2. In-Toeing (with with crooked toes pointing inward)
  3. Knocking knees while walking
  4. Bowleggedness (the exaggerated bending outwards of the legs while walking)


All of these issues are common as a child develops but must be corrected by a foot specialist to ensure safe and healthy maturation of a child’s ever-growing body.  The American Foot & Ankle Specialists, located in Scottsdale, Arizona, have extensive experience in helping to train children’s feet to mature in the healthiest way of development.  Call 480-483-9000 for an appointment today.  A Scottsdale foot doctor can help!  

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