Treating Diabetic Neuropathy

The American Foot and Ankle Specialists manage diabetic neuropathy for patients in order to maintain proper foot health.  This condition, left untreated, is one of the main causes of amputations for diabetics and by seeing a podiatrist regularly, there is a greater chance one will prevent the causes that warrant an amputation.  

What is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy is the damage to nerve tissue, which is caused by the toxic effect of high blood sugar and poor circulation.  Nerves send signals from the brain to the body and alternately, from the body to the brain.  When various nerves are damaged, there is a break in communication between the brain and the body. 

Symptoms include shooting and burning pain, tingling, and numbness.  These symptoms are dangerous because if one is experiencing neuropathy in their feet and have a cut, they may not even feel the cut because of the numbness from the neuropathy.  The cut can go days without being treated, become a large open wound, and become infected.  If the infection worsens to the point of eating away at the bone, an amputation will be necessary.

Here are 4 tips that will help you prevent amputation:

1.See a podiatrist once per month.  By scheduling a regular appointment with your podiatrist, they can find and treat a foot problem before it worsens to the point of surgery. 
2. Wear comfortable shoes and orthotics.  Providing the maximum amount of support for your feet will lessen foot pain and the chance of an injury.
3. Wash your feet every day.  Keeping your feet clean will prevent infection if you do have a hidden cut.  
4. Check your feet everyday for cuts and sores.  Inspect your feet once each day.  If you find an open sore or area of pain, then you can visit your podiatrist and receive further advice. 

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The American Foot and Ankle Specialists have locations in Sun City and Scottsdale, AZ.  Dr. John Erotas and Dr. Michael Stegman treat diabetic patients regularly ensuring that they maintain the health of their feet.   

It cannot be stressed how important a regular appointment with a podiatrist is if you suffer from diabetes.  Call 480-483-9000 and schedule your appointment today!  Same and next day appointments are often available.  

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