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Having corns and calluses can make even the most comfortable pair of shoes seem unbearable to wear. As leaders in podiatric care, the team at American Foot & Ankle Specialists in Scottsdale and Sun City, Arizona, offer in-office treatments for corns and calluses. Before your corns and calluses worsen, schedule an evaluation. Book your appointment through the online scheduling feature or call the office.

Corns and Calluses Q&A

Why do I have corns and calluses?

Corns and calluses are often linked together because their cause usually stems from the same types of issues. When your footwear causes friction or pressure, your skin starts working to protect itself. To prevent further skin tissue damage, your skin starts forming hardened layers.

Corns tend to develop on areas where you don’t bear weight, like across the tops of your toes. Calluses, on the other hand, develop on weight-bearing areas of your feet, such as along your soles or balls.

Some men and women are more prone to developing issues with corns and calluses because of complications with diabetes. If you’re diabetic, blood flow to your lower extremities is affected. So when you develop corns or calluses, your skin can’t heal as quickly, which could increase your risk of infections and ulcers.

How are corns and calluses treated?

Some corns and calluses resolve on their own and don’t cause discomfort. But if your corns or calluses are causing pain, seem to be infected, or just keep coming back, it’s time to see a podiatrist at American Foot & Ankle Specialists for treatment.

Usually, the best solution for problem corns and calluses is removing them. During this simple in-office procedure, your practitioner numbs the treatment area — if needed — and trims away excess skin with a scalpel.

They might also apply a patch that contains a high concentration of salicylic acid, which further helps soften skin and minimize infections or other issues with future corns and calluses.

Can I prevent corns and calluses?

Oftentimes, yes. Once your podiatrist at American Foot & Ankle Specialists treats your corns and calluses, they work with you to prevent future issues. Aside from switching to footwear with more toe room, your podiatrist is likely going to suggest getting fitted for custom orthotics.

These specialized shoe inserts help support your toes and keep them in proper alignment, so you don’t have to worry about excessive friction. You can also try:

  • Wearing protecting pads or bandages
  • Rubbing affected skin with a pumice stone after bathing
  • Moisturizing your feet regularly

The team can work with you to find other solutions to prevent future corns and calluses and help you keep your feet smooth and healthy.

Get started on your corn and callus treatment at American Foot & Ankle Specialists today. Book your visit either online or over the phone.